Primary focus on the Burnsville or Eagan area since that’s where the majority of our trucks start and stop. We do have local drivers that come in each day from an hour away so maybe use a 50 mile radius? 

We could use 2 – 3 local and 1 – 2 OTR to fill up the fleet if no current drivers leave. 

  • Local fleet we have day and night shifts available 24/7.
  • Most of our local drivers work 55 – 70 hours per week – it’s up to the driver how much they want to work and make.
  • Local for us is getting home each day, driver could stay in the metro doing multiple loads or run out a few hundred miles with 1 load and back but we never dispatch a local driver too far out so they don’t sleep in their own bed at home each day. 
  • Majority of the local drivers work Monday – Friday and then help over the weekends if they want more hours. Some choose shifts like a Wednesday – Sunday so they can be off during the week. 
  • OTR drivers we guarantee them to be home for their reset each week unless they choose to reset on the road. Same as local, we prefer those drivers to be close by since the majority of our freight ends back to Minnesota. 

All of our day cab and sleeper tractors are newer, oldest is 5 years old. 

Trailers we pull – Pneumatics, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Hopper Bottoms & Walking Floors. 

No Hazmat or tanker endorsements needed for the materials we haul. 

We will provide paid training at their hourly rates with a trainer on any of the equipment they don’t have experience with, we just need the driving experience per our Bay & Bay requirements. 

Pay is hourly for everything we do locally and OTR for their entire on duty time start to finish each day – Overtime after 45 hours. 

I’m trying to keep all of my new hires around $25 per hour for day shift and $27 per hour for night shifts but will pay more for a candidate that has pneumatic experience.   

Our fleet average gross for local and OTR per week is $1800 – $2200 per week, $85,000 – $110,000 per year. 

If you run across applicants looking for part time weekends, we pay $30 per hour for that.